Neil and Robert, Milton Keynes

“We are delighted with the results.”
Neil Dryer and Robert Prosser

The starting point

Neil Dryer and Robert Prosser have been living in Milton Keynes for over fifteen years. Their house is striking; detached with large, spacious windows and traditional red brick.

The pair had been considering home solar for some time but were unsure about the benefits and what the return on their investment would be like.

The background

Neil and Robert wanted to invest in something that would give them a good rate of return. They considered alternatives, but eventually, knowing the positive impact that producing their own clean energy would have on the environment – solar won out.

When they discovered that IKEA and Solarcentury had partnered to provide residential solar, they were sold. They were reassured by the fact that they were dealing with a trusted brand like IKEA and the UK’s leading solar company, Solarcentury.

The response

Neil and Robert used IKEA’s solar calculator to see how much going solar would cost. They instantly received an estimate for a 12 panel system. Pleased with the results, they agreed to proceed to survey and were delighted to discover that a larger 14 panel system would fit.

They choose the black panels over the blue and the installation was arranged for the following week. The system was up and running straight away, they were pleased with how smooth the whole process was and found the installation team both helpful and accommodating.

The couple also opted for a Geo Solo III monitor which shows them the optimum time to switch on their appliances. It also clearly displays simple data on how well their system is performing throughout the day.

Both Neil and Robert say that they would recommend going solar with IKEA to anyone. “Everyone we dealt with from the initial phone call to the final install were polite and professional – nothing phased them and we are delighted with the results”.

They say their new system is the talk of the street and they have already had some of their neighbours pop by to enquire about the stylish new addition to their home!

The result

Neil and Robert wanted a solar system that would not only produce clean energy but also wouldn’t detract from the aesthetic of their home. This was confirmed when Robert’s parents came to visit a week after the system had been installed and didn’t notice anything different about the house!

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