The Tehrani Family, Durham

“They look very modern and are in-line with the roof tiles… we definitely recommend to friends”
Evelyn Tehrani

The starting point

Evelyn and Jamie Tehrani have lived in Durham for the last 11 years. Their two-storey, newly renovated house is home to them, their two young children and the family’s beloved gerbil, Malti.

They believe renewable energy is the future, and that if each household tried to control their energy consumption and used renewable energy as much as possible, it would make a huge difference to the world.

They have wanted to buy solar panels for a long time but were concerned about finding a system that wouldn’t detract from the aesthetic of their home. This year they were finally able to achieve that dream and had a built-in system installed through IKEA, as well as a battery to make the absolute most of their solar electricity.

The background

When Evelyn and Jamie found out that IKEA had teamed-up with Solarcentury and were offering a built-in solar solution, they thought that this partnership was the perfect combination.

The built-in solar option is inconspicuous; the solar panels are black and sit flush with their roof tiles – all the while being powerful enough to produce lots of clean energy for their family.

The Tehrani household is one that is out most of the day- at school and work. Therefore they wouldn’t be able to utilise much of the electricity their solar generated during the day, which led to them to choose battery storage too. A domestic battery allows them to store the electricity they produce then use it when the sun goes down, to cut their evening energy bills. They had kept an eye on recent developments in domestic energy storage and the reduced cost of these batteries, so they felt it was the right time to try it for themselves.

The result

Evelyn said she found the whole process very easy and clear: “The Solarcentury team were very helpful at explaining all the details, the pros and cons of different options for our situation and adjusting quotes to our changing ideas.”

The installation team arrived promptly and managed to complete the installation in a single day. The battery and inverter were placed in their garage which is out of the way and looks very neat. The team were polite and helpful, particularly in briefing the family about how the system works once it had been fitted.

Any questions they had, even after the  installation, were answered quickly and effectively.

The response

Evelyn and Jamie say they are very happy with the look of the integrated panels. ”They look very modern and are in-line with the roof tiles which was especially important for our roof which is very visible from the road.” said Evelyn.

When asked if they would recommend going solar with IKEA to a friend they said, “Yes – we definitely recommend to friends that they consider using IKEA for their solar panels and storage offer – the perfect combination”.

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