The Wells family, Wokingham

“I researched other solar providers in his area but soon discovered that the IKEA solar offer was significantly better than the rest.”
Peter Wells

The starting point

Peter Wells lives in Wokingham with his family, in a detached house with a perfectly south facing roof, at the end of their street.

Concerned with climate change, Peter wanted to live a more sustainable life and began to think about what changes he could make to do so.

The background

Peter had been considering the switch to solar for some time. His main driver for changing to clean, renewable energy was not about saving money but instead about doing his bit for the environment.

One Saturday, whilst browsing in his local IKEA in Reading, Peter stumbled upon the solar shop. He spoke with an IKEA co-worker about their solar offer and was pleased by how affordable it was.

Peter says “I researched other solar providers in this area but soon discovered that the IKEA solar offer was significantly better than the rest.”

The response

Peter used IKEA’s online solar calculator and received an instant estimate. Happy with that and the results of the following survey, he decided to go ahead with the installation.

He opted for the black panels as he thought they would be less noticeable on his roof and was delighted to discover that as a member of IKEA FAMILY he was entitled to a further 15% discount on his quote.

The installation was booked for a couple of weeks later and the whole system was installed in under eight hours. Peter says he was reassured by how knowledgeable and careful the installation team were.

Once installed, his system began generating electricity immediately and Peter and his family have been enjoying the benefits of producing their own clean energy ever since.

The result

The Wells family are delighted with their new system and say that it is barely noticeable on the roof.  When asked if they would recommend going solar with IKEA to a friend Peter said, “Absolutely, in fact we already have!”

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